Embracing the positive vibe!

Embracing the positive vibe!

  • Are you looking for a new job or a career change right now?
  • Are you finding it a challenge?
  • Do you wonder why your applications are not progressed?
  • Have you considered changing your approach?
Why am I asking these questions?  Well, the answer is short and simple.  First impressions COUNT!

The top three first impressions come from your:

  • CV
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Telephone manner

Take time to ensure your CV reflects you, your experience and the essence of your drive, your passion, and your ability to do the job you are applying for.  Keep it short and ensure that it contains key words and references to all the elements that you want to attract to you career-wise – anything that you DON’T want to do again, tone down or leave out completely.

Ensure that the above is reflected in your LinkedIn profile.  And if you are able to, engage with a LinkedIn specialist such as https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonyksilver/ who can help you create a profile that generates results.

And when you’ve attracted interest and, as a result, receive calls from hiring managers or recruiters,  be POSITIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC and ENGAGING otherwise all the effort that you have put into the first two points has sadly gone to waste, and you have unfortunately lost that opportunity.

If any of the above strikes a chord with you, it is time to take action!

Remember – there is no failure, only feedback.

Take the learning, adjust, and keep going until you nail that new job.

If you are passionate, determined, enthusiastic and have clarity and vision relating to your next career move and act upon the opportunities that present themselves, that dream job will happen.

Thanks to the internet, Google and YouTube specifically, there is a never-ending supply of content that you can access to help you to make changes to your career and life in general.

If you would like some instant links that can help, then look no further than the following ones, and do join my Facebook Group for starters.  It’s an engaging and supportive group, and the content is generated by a daily question and quote to get you thinking first thing in the morning.


Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, where the content continues to grow with careers tips and advice and inspiring career stories.


And of course, if you are on the search for a new job, you can set up job alerts across all the relevant job board platforms including the following:





LinkedIn also has a recruiter platform.

What are you waiting for?!

Make changes now – and watch the magic happen.

Good luck!