Is your online profile ready to rock your 2021 quest for that dream job? Top tips to get your profile job search ready!

Is your online profile ready to rock your 2021 quest for that dream job? Top tips to get your profile job search ready!

Are you looking for a new job?  Is your CV on a job board such as Reed, CV Library, Monster, Total Jobs, Jobsite? Are you taking advantage of these platforms and making them work for you?

Ensuring your profile is up-to-date and completed correctly makes ALL the difference and can help you manifest that dream job, as recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition staff within large HR departments regularly run searches via job boards and LinkedIn to find candidates for their current vacancies.

We regularly run searches at Naylor George Recruitment, in addition to placing adverts for the vacancies we are working on, to source candidates for clients.  As such, we put key words into the search engine and then review the profiles that are generated.  This, however, can be a very time-consuming process, so we often add more criteria to reduce the volume of profiles, and make searching far easier.

This could mean that your profile gets passed over if you haven’t completed it correctly, even at a basic level. What needs to be on your CV is another blog post in its own right; there are YouTube videos that you can access via this link that I have recorded that go into more detail on the subject:

But let’s get back to your profile on job boards and LinkedIn.

I recently ran a search for a new job that had been called in, and sent out emails to potential candidates.  One of them politely replied, thanking me for my email and informing me that he was looking for £28K rather than the £22K on offer.  However, his profile indicated that he was looking for a salary in the region of £20K – £25K.

I replied with some advice and a link to my YouTube video and received this lovely message in reply.

“ … thanks for the heads up! Updated my various profiles on the job sites accordingly. Thanks also for the video – I love your energy! It’s super interesting to get an insight into the techniques used by those who work in the recruitment industry.  I’ve given your video a share on my social media, hopefully it gets you a few more hits!”

Making those small changes can make a huge difference.  This particular candidate’s profile will now come up in searches being run by others looking for individuals of his calibre, whereas previously he could easily have been missed / perceived as not senior or experienced enough on the first glance.

And to enlighten you further, the first glance is just that – a snapshot of who you are, summed up in job title, location and salary requirements.  To dig deeper and review your profile or CV further requires another click of the mouse (and more time).  This may not seem a lot to you, but when your profile is one of hundreds that could come up in a search, that all-important snapshot needs to be spot on!  And as a side note, you may, or may not be aware, but access to your data is charged for by the job boards, so whilst it is a FREE service to you, and one that you really need to make work for you if you are serious about changing careers, for some businesses – depending upon which database they have paid for – they are paying per view!

So, if you are serious about looking for a new job, and want that job of your dreams to materialise, you do need to put in some effort yourself in the first instance to help the right one manifest.

Top tips when using a job board:

  • Ensure that your CV is up-to-date before uploading it to a job board, and amend if there have been any changes
  • Complete all the supporting information required by the job board in relation to your salary and job requirements; amend if necessary / as required
  • Ensure your profile is clear and that all your contact details are correct / haven’t been over-written by the formatting that some job boards instigate, e.g. Indeed generates an Indeed email address for you, that I bet you’ll never access, and in many cases your own email address is missing from your CV along with wads of experience!
  • Keep a note of which job boards your CV is registered on, and review regularly; tweak it regularly as it helps with the algorithms
  • Register for job alerts
  • Suspend your profile or delete when you have secured a new job – DON’T complain that you’re fed up with getting calls when you haven’t thought to take your profile down!

In short, put in that extra bit of effort in the first instance and it will pay dividends!