Pivoting provides, and perfects, potential

Pivoting provides, and perfects, potential

For most of us, life has been utterly transformed since the restrictions were brought in to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Now, more so than ever before, it’s important to adapt to our new circumstances, create new routines and find meaningful ways to spend our long days at home.

What can you be doing right now to take advantage of these unprecedented times?

There are now daily posts all over social media about how people are grabbing the opportunity to do things they couldn’t before, like taking up new hobbies, learning a new language, learning to cook even! And of course people are spending a lot more time with family, which is something that can take a back seat when we are busy with our careers. I am loving all the amazing collaborations that are coming out of lockdown – Matt Lucas of Shooting Stars (Viv Reeves and Bob Mortimer) and Little Britain fame singing his ‘Baked Potato’ song on Twitter (which he had rewritten and recorded to raise funds for the NHS), duetting via Zoom with Brian May, of Queen fame. When would that have ever happened?!

We can also use this time to work on our businesses too, particularly for those of us who are self-employed. And for those who are employed, but have ideas of changing careers, or want to change direction, while your job search (or other big plans) may have to be put on a temporary hold, maybe this is a good thing. Now you have the chance to take time to reflect and look at things differently – and essentially pivot to bring in new opportunities.

This is where the creativity comes in – by looking at what skills and talents we have, and how we can use them in a way that is more aligned with our talents and passions.

I am currently enjoying the opportunity to focus on my coaching practice, having recognised that my recruitment business has all but ground to a halt. Now that I am no longer juggling quite as much, and the pace of my usual frenetic mix of business and life has slowed, I can be more considered, creative and balanced. Now I can think about what really matters. For me, right now, I want to use my time effectively so that I can prepare myself and my businesses to be ready for action again when we come out of this – which we will.

Pivoting has enabled me to get creative with coaching. I’m looking forward to recording videos and content for my website, webinars, programmes and YouTube. I’m having to learn a lot right now – it’s exciting and I am loving it.

I think I am one of many people who during this crisis is re-learning how to slow down! I now go on a daily run or walk each morning, and take the time to notice what is around me. I have lived in the same area for many years, but now I am really starting to explore and connect with the beautiful surroundings. The birds, the trees, the quieter roads, the interesting buildings and the hidden footpaths! Well, actually not always hidden. On a recent outing, I decided to take a different route and explore a footpath I have known about for as long as I can remember (although I can only ever recall walking along it once in my life) and I was treated to the most beautiful views across the countryside I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. It was a timely reminder that unless we make proactive decisions to change, we will always see the same views and get the same results.

It has been a real blessing to have this extra time to get out and notice what is around us, especially while walking around the local community – the air also feels cleaner and brighter and healthier, which can only be a good sign.

In summary, when we pivot and choose a different path, new experiences and opportunities present themselves. I urge you all to pivot (if you haven’t already) and embrace a raft of exciting new experiences!

Top Pivoting Tips
  • Embrace the opportunity to pivot!
  • What new experiences do you want to embrace? Recognise them and take action.
  • Try taking a different path, and change the way you have always done things
  • Embrace the new experiences
  • Recognise the opportunities as they present themselves
  • Get creative